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When talking about healthy living,  we usually connect it with eating and exercising. For me, it is so much more.
Yes, it is a lot about what we put in our mouth, and if we move our body or not. But it is also about the way we feel, behave and other things we consume. There is no arguing that changing my diet and removing all the sugar from my life made a big impact on me. But it wasn’t just that. It was also reducing the time in front of the TV, reading more inspirational books, listening to lectures and more.
It is the relationships we choose to have, the TV shows we see, the books we choose to read, the way we interact with others and what information we let into our world and how much.
The moment we make a conscious decision about it and make a change, we start feeling different. The feeling of more healthy and alive comes in.
Here are some of my tips that are helping me on my journey to a better and healthier living:
  1. Planning- I take the time every morning to plan my day. I write down 3 things that I want to achieve today. Then I add other things that need to get done today. I also sit down on the weekend to plan my week. I try and plan the meals so I will be able to prepare in advance. This way I feel in charge of the things that are happening, and not going through the day according to other people needs. This way I achieve more.
  2. Drink water – and lots of it! What can I say my headaches are gone since adding more water to my life. I have a bottle next to me at all times. I try and drink between 3 to 4 Lt a day (it depends if I exercise or not). I feel less tired and healthier.
  3. Don’t open your phone when you wake up! The first thing that I did when I opened my eyes was to reach for my phone. I had to check if I missed anything, did someone look for me when I was sleeping and what is new in the world. So usually, no one is looking for me and the news is always bad. So why bother? I check all this only after doing my morning routine, not the news, though. It can wait until later.
  4. Speaking of the news, try and limit your time as much as possible consuming them. I mean, you will hear it anyway, through friends, your mom or Facebook.
  5. Be Present – Focus on what you are doing now. Close Facebook if you are working. Close the phone if you are playing with the kids. Close the phone when you are sitting down to have a family dinner – it is a chance to have a talk and know what the others did today. Be present in the now.
These are some of my tips for living a healthier life.
What is healthy living means to you? What tips would you add to the list? Would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

Until next time,

Don’t forget to smile  🙂

Michal | Life in Simple Words