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I used to hate getting up in the morning. I was so hard! Opening my eyes, getting ready, getting the kids ready, and doing everything fast. It was such a chaos, and with me not being a morning person it was a catastrophe.

The alarm goes off at 6 AM, I hit the snooze button. Then the dog asks for her food, I ignore her and wait for my husband to get up and give her some attention. He starts waking up the kids. I’m still in bed refusing to acknowledge that morning has indeed arrived and it is time to get out of bed. Finally, I had to wake up. It is about 20-25 minutes after everyone else. There is not much time left until the school bus arrives. The pressure to get everything and everyone ready begins. It is not a pretty sight, nor it is pleasant. I would always be out of breath when it that hour was over.

I think we all started on the wrong foot in those mornings. They got out of the house stressed, I was stressed. Did I say stress?! Then, continuing the day was also hard, because I needed some time to relax, and didn’t manage to do much. Let’s just say that productivity and I were not the best of friends.

Now, I always heard that getting up earlier, before the kids, was the way to a better start of the day. I read posts about how successful people are getting up earlier to do meditation, exercise or even get some work done. For me, it seemed impossible.  I wanted it but I had so many excuses. Like I said before, I wasn’t a morning person and that the way it is! Yet, something had to change. I felt that I wasn’t making any progress with my life and that it was not fair on my husband and kids that I will be like that.

So, one day about two months ago I decided to do it. Just do it! The night before I told my husband I was going to wake up an hour earlier. I prepared the food for the dog for the morning. I prepared the clothes, decided on the meditation I will do in the morning, prepared a notebook and set the alarm to 5 AM. I put it on vibrant only so my husband won’t wake up.

The next morning I jumped! out of bed when the alarm went off. Can you believe it? I spent the hour before waking everybody else doing meditation, writing in my journal and even had a little time to prepare a to-do list for the day. Then I went to wake up the kids. What a difference. They were so happy that I was the one waking them up, and that I wasn’t grumpy.  Everything in that morning felt different. I was more relaxed. We managed to be ready much earlier so they even had a little time to play before they had to go to the bus. And after they were gone I had a great day because I didn’t need time to relax, I already was!

This has been going on for two months now and it just feels like it changed my life. Adding this hour in the morning before the house wakes up is my most valuable hour in the day. I meditate, write, work, and sometimes even go for a walk.

There is no magic here, if you want more time, you have to see what you are willing to give up. For me, it was an hour of sleep. Though I have to say that since I started this I am going to bed earlier. I even watch less TV and just feel more productive with my day.

 A little change in my morning routine reduced the stress in the mornings and made my day better, just one change.

How do you add more time to your day? Do you wake up before everybody else? What do you think of the idea?

Until next time,

Don’t forget to smile 🙂

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9 thoughts on “My Morning Routine- or How to create more time in your day?

  1. I like waking up before everyone else because like what you said, I get more done. In fact, I feel the day is lost when I get up later. The only problem is I don’t have enough sleep because I hate to sleep earlier. I need more incentives to sleep earlier!

  2. Our nest is empty now – I was always the morning person in the house waking before everyone else and getting emotionally, spiritually, and physically prepared for the barrage of kids and life! I’m glad you’ve found a system that works well for you – it will certainly assist in you being a better you! I’m next door to you at #39 at Women With Intention today!

  3. I am a night owl most of the time, so getting up early is very hard for me. Every once in a while though I fall asleep at about 6:30 and stay asleep until 5am or so. Then I wake up and feel so refreshed and I accomplish so much. I think I need to train my body to be tired earlier so I can have a good start to the day. I’m glad you posted this so it could remind me of those good days I had and try to have them more often.

    Thanks for linking up at the Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest party, I’ve pinned your post to our Link up page. Hope to see you again next week!

  4. I’m so glad to hear it’s going well for you! When I am on a schedule, I love giving myself some extra time in the morning. I would get my best work done for the classroom in that extra 30 minutes I gave myself in the morning. Next year, I’ll be taking the year off, and I don’t want to fall into that summer routine of sleeping in until I need to get up. I want to keep that alarm on, and give myself that needed “me” time in the morning, when the house is still quiet. Sometimes it is so hard, though, which is why I need that routine! Thanks so much for sharing at our new link party – Dream. Create. Link. Party! We sure hope to see you back this week!!

  5. That is awesome! I love when you figure out a schedule that works. I need to get back to a morning routine, the day just feels so more productive when I get those essential tasks out of the way from the beginning. Thanks for sharing at the TALENTED TUESDAY link party!

  6. Ah yes the snooze button, I still like that button can be somewhat annoying when it’s go off the third time. As you know I now get up very early and have found that it helps when people don’t talk to me.
    I like to be grumpy on my own to snap out of it a lot quicker. So really, I’m no way a morning person and I don’t mind not being one. You just have to know that before coming to my house for a sleep over.
    I found it helped to get up before my kids, I wouldn’t be as stressed out every time my daughter talked to me, because I was awake and had my me time.

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