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Every morning it was the same story, the fighting with the kids about what to wear, what food they want to take to school. Then I’m having trouble deciding what to eat for breakfast, followed by not a very productive morning in the office. Do you feel the stress building up? That made me want to stay in bed. I really had difficulty getting up in the morning. I used to let my husband deal with most of the things.

However, this is not the way I wanted the mornings to be like. So I decided one day that enough was enough. I needed to make some changes in order to let the stress go away and have a more relaxing start of the day. Planning was a big part of the equation.

The first step was planning the food for school. I sat the kids down and did a meal planning for school. We made a chart with the days of the week and put down each day what they are taking to school. This chart helps me to be more organised and know which food I need to have in the house every week. For them, they don’t have to think about it again. We try to sit every once in a while and change it a little bit.

Another planning that was added was planning what to wear the night before. This part reduce so much of the stress. Even though they have a uniform to school, it is only a shirt. They can choose which shorts to wear and you would think that would be simple. Well, think again. There were mornings that my son would have so much trouble choosing the pants that he almost missed the bus. So laying the clothes the night before. This also prevents finding out that everything is in the wash and they have nothing!

For me, starting the day before everyone else wakes up helped too. I have about an hour to wake up completely and do some writing and reading. Then when I come to wake them, I am more relaxed and the morning starts better for everyone.

Regarding breakfast, I just started to eat the same thing every morning. It might sound boring, but it really works for me. I eat oatmeal with honey, raisins and cinnamon. It is a healthy and filling breakfast. I found that habits that I add into my life, that are the same every day, take my stress levels down.

As for planning, in general, if I don’t sit down on the weekend, take a look at what is coming up and plan what needs to get done, I am stressed all week. And, nothing is getting done. If I know that an event is coming up, with planning ahead, I will have time to know more details about the event and not get to the last minute all stressed out, that I have nothing to wear or no one to go with.

Planning is a great tool for reducing some of the causes for stress in our lives. It doesn’t have to be for everything, but even planning a little bit can make a difference.

Stressful morning and days are OUT and relaxed days are IN! Planning is the key!

In what areas of your life you find that planning is helpful?

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Don’t forget to smile  🙂

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