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We already know that getting up early in the morning can help your productivity. Well for me anyway.  So we want to get up early, to have some quiet time before the kids get up and all hell break loose. But it is not as easy as we think. I mean I would rather sleep to the last minute and not get out of bed. So I found that some little tricks can help me get up earlier and they make it much easier for me to do so.

Let start at the night before, preparing for the next day. So this is what I do:

  1. Clean the kitchen! I don’t know why but it is easier for me to get out of bed in the morning when I know that the sink is empty and that the kitchen table is clean too. I guess that the feeling that there is more to do in the morning just makes me want to hide under the blanket. So put the dishes away and do a little bit of tidying up before turning the lights off and going to bed.
  2. I prepare a bottle of water and a little snack. I want to get up before everybody else but I don’t want to make too much noise. So I’d rather make everything ready for the morning the night before. Drinking water when you get up is very important for the body and also to have a little something to eat. I usually eat 2 dates or an apple to start the day.
  3. Another thing that I prepare the night before are the clothes I am going to wear the next day. Then you are all ready for the day even before the kids opened their eyes!
  4. If I am planning to do some reading/writing/meditation or any other activity,  I will prepare all the things that I need for those activities as my journal, book, headphones etc.

So everything is ready for the morning, all you have to do now is get up 🙂

One of the talks that really helped me with getting out of bed early in the morning is Mel Robbins talk where she talks about the snooze button and why you shouldn’t press it:

After waking up I wash my face, drink water and do some stretches to let my body know that morning is here. I go to the living room and turn the light on – this is another sign for the body, light.  Then I get on with my morning routine.

What NOT to do when you get up in the morning? Do not check your phone. It can wait. Start with meditation. Do some writing. Read a book. Facebook and emails will wait.

I hope these tips helped you to get out of bed more easily in the morning. Do you have another tip to share? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Don’t forget to smile  🙂

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Getting up early can boost your productivity, but it is sooo hard to get out of bed - here are some tips to help you to become a morning person

One thought on “How to Become a Morning Person?

  1. 100% agree with getting as much done the night before as possible! Nobody wants to wake up and have to do anything to catch up, even if you are a morning person! Make it as close as you can so that you can get up and start your day as soon as you get out of bed, no faffing about. Makes mornings so much smoother if all you have to do is get dressed, etc, and start with the first to-do.

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