I’m Michal. I am a wife and a mother to 3, and I try every day to live my BEST Life!
Since childhood, I loved notebooks, journals, and planners. Well, all things paper. But mostlyplanners. I loved spending my time planning and decorating them. But even though, with all that, I couldn’t create the life that I wanted and my lists just grew longer and longer. 
Then a few years back I was introduced to the effective way of living, and that was a turning point for me. The journey for change started. It was a long and not and an easy road. I started to create new habits, healthier ones, that helped me create the life that I wanted. A life in which I am more productive, more energetic and much happier.  
I am a certified Life and Effectiveness Coach. It is my time to take all the tools that I learned and help others. I can now show others the road to achieving goals and living their BEST life.

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